Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A week before the American election, I composed a poem each dedicated to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, bearing in mind that one of them would become the next President of America. Now that the election is over, I hereby post the two poems on my blog for the reading pleasure of readers of this blog:

Poem 1 is for Hillary


Trampling Trump to Capitol Hill
Twinkling Clinton climbed the Hill
Hillary’s little heels made history
First American Female President
After over 200 years of democracy
Almighty America’s story of the century
Moving from First Lady to First Supremo
Halleluiah Hail Hillary!

To grasp the majestic zenith of America
Is distinct from guzzling vodka in Russia
It’s only a woman of a certain ancestry
Can swim shark-infested ocean with bravery
To sit on a queenly throne in oval sanctuary
Halleluiah Hail Hillary!

As billion global villagers’ eyeballs glued
To million digital television screens globally
 Viewing verbal bullets spewing out of red trunk
Striking shatterproof delicate blue butterfly wings
It’s only a lion-hearted woman can stick to her vision
And with wisdom navigate a wrecking titanic to triumph  
Halleluiah Hail Hillary!

At long last, partisan skirmishes ‘re over and all over
Trumpestuous America must relax for the world to relax
Hillarious America must initiate a healing process en paix
As apprehensive global villagers take deep breaths with love
Freshly historic President Hillary Clinton of America
Captain a global vessel, sail a fresh America with maternal love!

A Poem supposed to be dedicated to Hillary Clinton, if she had won the election.

By Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath ©
(Black Ideas)

Poem 2 for Donald


Blow the trumpets for Trump
For, Donald Trump has triumphed
By trampling upon Hillary Clinton
To plug the presidency of America
Wonders indeed will never cease to be

As the discerning citizens of Britain  
Shocked the world to extract Britain
From the belly of European Union
So judicious voters of America
Have elected triumphant Trump
To supervise over their destiny
Their rights must be cherished

Other citizens of the world
Also reserve the rights
To discard their indigo cards
America still will be America
When it coughs the world ‘ll…

Triumphant President Trump
As you sit on the hot royal stool
In the white shrine of America
Tamper justice with temper
As President of America
Hearken your master within 
And be father for all as pledged!

A Poem dedicated to Donald Trump 45th President-elect of America

 By Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath ©

NB: It seems to me that after over 200 years of democracy,  the people of America are not yet ready for a woman President, so they did not elect Hillary Clinton as President.

Monday, October 24, 2016


America, Britain, China, France & Russia
The five veto-power nations of confusion
Inventors of weapons of mass destruction
Is war your cup of tea?

Do you swab your hands with human blood?
Can’t you hear the cries of innocent souls
Of Palestinian offspring, Syrian kids of oceans,
Progenies of Libya, Somalia, Yemen, etc., etc.?  

UN @ Seventy-one years of male chauvinism
Ten UN Secretary-Generals without a woman
Where there is no woman, no humanism
Little wonder the world is in turmoil
You’ve done well; yet too gory soil

What a civilised world of “paradoxity”
 A world full of worms of hypocrisy
Where wars become the rock of Peace
Yet Peace is not the dearth of wars

Where anarchy becomes the womb
That gives birth to harmony
Yet harmony wedges not the tomb
That consumes babies of wars
UN @71, do something before you die!


BY Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath ©
(Black Ideas)


Thursday, October 20, 2016


Daniel Webster once said:
“Education without the Bible is useless.”
You may or may not agree with him
It’s worth listening to him nevertheless

It’s better not to have been born at all than
To live in 21st century without education
Beloved youth of Africa, especially Ghana
Please place premium on your education

 Your parents’ ordeal in search of school
 When you fail to get your first choice
 Offer them your first gift of hypertension
When you enter Senior High School
Stop blocking your ears with earphones

Internet should lead you not into temptation
Rather a vehicle to your academic destination 
In class listen to your teachers with rapt attention
Put Facebook aside and grab your textbooks
When you graduate you can swim in the sea
Of Facebook, twitter and Instagram until
You enter the kingdom of heaven!
“A word to a wise …”


By Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath ©
(Black Ideas)